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Vivian Munson has been representing working people for 30 years, as a trial lawyer, an advocate for the disabled, and a scrivener of wills and trusts. Vivian is the published author of two biographies, a patient's personal story, a children's activity book, and most recently, a murder mystery.

Vivian Munson
Vivian Munson

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    Powers of attorney - for all ages, income levels, abilities and disabilities

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    Adoptions - a ray of sunshine in the courthouse

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    Consultation only for SSDI and SSI questions

Testimonials on AVVO

Amazing job with our personal will
Posted by anonymous
August 21, 2019

Our lawyer, Vivian Munson, did a terrific job helping us, prior to an extensive surgery. She helped us in a thorough and timely manner to create a legal will. We were very pleased with her professionalism and expertise.

A Satisfied Client
Posted by Elaine
July 18, 2016

I chose Vivian Munson to help and guide me through the complex steps of settling my sister's estate. The fact that I live in New York and she in Alaska could have presented many problems. However, Vivian accomplished this transition smoothly and swiftly.

Vivian Munson
Posted by Julia
March 29, 2016

Vivian Munson successfully assisted me to obtain Social Security Disability benefits using her knowledge of the statutes. She allowed me to be involved in the process, had access to resources that were not easily available to me, and worked with me and my healthcare provider to build a case based on statute and fact that prevailed in an environment that is generally not receptive to SSDI applicants.