The Donald J. Trump Presidential Library (not published in the Alaska Bar Rag)

            Welcome to Florida.  We trust that you will enjoy your visit to this monument to the history of the  45th President of the United States, DONALD J. TRUMP.

            The Trump Presidential Library is surrounded by The Trump Wall.  The Wall is designed to protect the Presidential Library from invasion by illegal aliens. 
The Trump Wall consists of contiguous segments of US Steel barriers exactly like those now installed along the border between the United States and Mexico during the Trump Administration. You will see 30’ high panels of steel bollards along the western boundary of the campus, and 18’ high steel slats in a concrete base along the northern boundary.  The 15’ high floating border fence along the eastern edge of the campus was designed for desert conditions.  It moves with the wind. 
Do not miss the display of high-resolution cameras and lights that have been installed on the border wall. 

            The Observatory is the central repository for President Trump’s statements to the nation on all topics. The Tweet Observatory seats 400 persons in reclining cushioned leather seats, each equipped with a lighted laptop computer. 
Visitors are seated in the Observatory every two hours, at even hours of the day.  Instructions are delivered by the moderator before the house lights dim and President Trump’s tweets appear on the overhead dome, sparkling like stars in the sky. 
Visitors use the laptop computer in a 2-step process to select relevant subject matter. These major categories are listed: 
            •           Important domestic issues, i.e. the economy, the environment, food and drug safety, health care
            •           International issues, i.e. trade, treaties, wars, alliances
            •           Attacks upon President Trump and his responses 
With 65,000 tweets to choose from, the computer needs more information.  Visitors then key in names of individuals and/or government offices, names of events, awards, scandals, investigations, etc.
There is an orange button on the computer for visitors who simply want to see tweets in which President Trump called somebody a name. 
Each tweet appears on the visitor’s laptop and may be forwarded to his or her personal device.
            Members of President Trump’s Cabinet are honored in The Secretarial Gallery, where fifteen screens display images of Cabinet members of the Trump Administration, and nine screens show Cabinet level officials.  Images on each screen circulate in a continuous loop. 
Occupants of these offices who served in an acting capacity are pictured surrounded by a yellow light.  Members who were confirmed by Congress are pictured surrounded by a white light. 
Under each member’s name, dates of service are listed, along with the number of days the member served in the position. 
At the bottom of each individual review, visitors will see a flashing symbol that indicates whether the member was fired by President Trump or resigned to be with family.
            The Hall of Heroes immortalizes world leaders hailed by President Trump for character and ambition most like his own. Heroic statues, each ten to twelve feet in height, stand equidistant around the circular space.  All epic figures were carved by 3-D printers, out of alabaster, a stone selected by ancient Egyptian rulers for use in the tombs of kings. 
Statues to the right of the entrance recognize leaders that President Trump considered his personal friends: Russian President Vladimir Putin, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and President Recep Erdogan of Turkey.  Statutes to the left of the entrance acknowledge leaders that President Trump admired for their ability to quash terrorism and dissent.  These include Prime Minister Moammar al-Gaddafi, President Saddam Hussein, and President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines.
            Here, all of President Trump’s appearances at electoral rallies around the country are presented in an IMAX format. This is an interactive exhibit.  Visitors are encouraged to participate with President Trump’s supporters by cheering, waving arms or fists, and shouting familiar chants such as “Lock her up†and “Send them home.â€
Red Trump hats may be purchased at the kiosk located just inside the entrance to the Rally Room. 
            The Jared Kushner Room is an exact replica of the office that the President’s son-in-law occupied in the White House. In circulating through the room, visitors can view, close-hand, memorabilia from Mr. Kushner’s years working to accomplish the goals set for him by President Trump, including but not limited to: 
            •           Bringing peace to the Middle East
            •           Streamlining the functions of the federal government
            •           Solving the opioid crisis
            The Trump Presidential Golf Course is located off-site at Mr. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Resort.  Tickets permitting the holder to play an 18-round game of golf at specified and approved dates and times are available in the boardroom of the Trump Presidential Library for $5,000 USD, a portion of which will be used for upkeep of the greens.
            All bathrooms in the Trump Presidential Library are equipped with gold plated sinks, faucets, towel holders and toilets. Men’s and women’s bathrooms are located on all floors.  There are unisex bathrooms in the basement for those with gender identity issues.
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